Anasayfa Hakkımızda

Our story started in 1984 working on international trade of textile chemicals.

Bersa has evolved into a leading manufacturer company by starting its own production in early 2000’s. Developing the business firmly; in a short period of time we became one of the Turkey’s well-known brand with high quality, reproducibility and after sales service. Working more productive, capacity increase with newly added machines, adaptation to textile legislations and the variety of products.

In 2001 we proudly started to export our own products. We established our Binder facility in 2015 as well as starting the R and D of producing digital inks with a huge investment at the same time.

We are proud to export our registered brands:

Bercolin ® Pigment Dispersions for Textile Industry

Berqua ® Color Pastes

Bercolink ® Digital Printing Inks

As a young and dynamic member of textile market our technical team has a wealth of experience in color science and formulation expertise. Bersa continuously invests in RD to produces innovative and competitive products. For best service, Process Quality Control and Final Quality Control are carried out parallel to production process in Bersa Laboratories.

Our Mission : Investing in people, technology, our brand value and the environment.

Our Vision : To be a sustainable world brand that guides the sector with its values.